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At a glance

At healthypets, our mission is to simplify pet parenthood. We offer virtual veterinary consultations by connecting veterinarians with pet owners on demand through video chat.

To begin, a pet profile must be created. This profile includes the demographic data needed by any veterinarian in order to accurately address your pet health and wellness concerns and questions. You will then be prompted to register yourself as the pet owner, and input basic personal information.

After selecting a veterinary clinic or veterinarian based on specialization and location, you can opt to subscribe for unlimited access (applies to clinics only) or pay for a one-time consultation (applies to both clinics and individual practitioners). Consultations can be booked on-demand or in the future, and are generally up to 15 minutes in length. Consults occur in a private chat room, through face-to-face video chat technology, and offer access to reliable and trustworthy information through a cost-effective solution.

Why should you use

Clarity and peace of mind – Virtual veterinary consultations result in one of three possible outcomes:

  1. Don’t sweat it! Your pet is exhibiting normal behaviour and you just saved yourself a trip to the vet. No need for further worry!
  2. Hmmm… let’s monitor this. This minor concern tends to resolve itself, but the vet will make suggestions to benefit you and your pet.
  3. It’s serious! You should visit a vet immediately in order to give your pet the proper care it needs. Our service will provide you with locations of nearby clinics to help you minimize travel time.

No matter the outcome, a plan of action has been put into place. Finally, pet owners can access peace of mind no matter the time of day or night*.

Accessibility and affordability – Finding a local vet when you need it most is no longer a difficult, expensive process. healthypets provides you with trustworthy information at a fraction of the cost of in-person care. Plus, the result of every virtual consultation will be digitally recorded, creating accessible pet health history for both you and your vet.

What about the Vets?

healthypets’ veterinarians are thoroughly vetted (no pun intended) before gaining access to the platform, ensuring only the best vets are offered to pet owners. Pet health is our number one priority, which is why we take extra precaution to ensure your experience is the best (and safest) it can be!

Feel free to explore the platform – create a free account and browse veterinarians to access ratings, location, availability, and more!

Any other questions?

Look no further than our FAQ page. If questions remain, you can always reach us at

Now that we’ve (hopefully) addressed your concerns, there should only be one more thing you may be asking:

Where do I sign up?

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*service is currently not yet operational 24/7