Knowing the signs is not up to your pet.

Let’s talk ticks (& fleas)!

Once playtime is over, thoroughly check your pet for odd bumps or lumps, especially if they were outside. If you find a tick, remove the tick as soon as possible using tweezers (not leaving any part of the tick behind) or a tick remover.

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Insured pet (dog) shaking owner's hand

Pet Insurance: What you need to know

Life insurance covers most costs for human members of the family, but with rising veterinary costs, our furry friends often do not get the same luxury, and can tend to be subject to poor, avoidable circumstances as a result. What is pet insurance, and how can you get the most you can out of it?

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So, what does do?

At healthypets, our mission is to simplify pet parenthood. We offer virtual veterinary consultations by connecting veterinarians with pet owners on demand through video chat.
Here we will explain what our platform does, why it’s great, and how you can use it!

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Connect to a vet online in minutes!