Are you ready to join the #vettech revolution?

Pet parents are looking for an alternative to the in-clinic veterinary appointment. Reliable information is desired on demand at the click of a button, particularly in the midst of concern. By registering for a free account, Healthy Pets’ veterinarians are able to dispel pet health myths and provide professional advice instantaneously through video chat.

Why should you join us?

Improve the

Information sourced through random internet browsing is putting the health of pets in danger. Help replace unreliable information with professional, trustworthy advice.

Earn additional

Put your spare time to good use. The flexibility of the Healthy Pets platform allows you to earn extra income from anywhere, at any time.

Grow your

Healthy Pets connects you with pet parents in your community. Positive interactions though virtual consultations can help expand your current clientele.

Save time

Digital record keeping helps to streamline the consultation process from start to finish. Client progress is tracked through digital call logs, organized historically.

Join the Revolution

Healthy Pets is starting a movement. Be part of our mission to improve veterinary care through accessibility and affordability by joining the #vettech revolution.


Is there a fee to join Healthy Pets?

Healthy Pets is free to join for pet owners, but there is a fee for consultations. Vets pay a monthly subscription and we currently offer a 3 month free trial.

I want to sign up but can only commit to being online one day per week. Am I still eligible?

Yes! Healthy Pets veterinarians make their own hours according to their personal schedule and availability.

How will I know when a pet owner is requesting my virtual presence?

You will receive an email informing you of an upcoming appointment. Upcoming appointments are also listed in your profile, and a pop-up notification will let you know when the pet owner is online and ready.

Will I be able to look at the pet owner’s information in advance of the virtual consultation?

The photos and the text synopsis uploaded by the pet owner will be made available to you in advance of the consultation for your review.

How do I get paid?

Vets are paid through PayPal or Stripe.

Connect to a vet online in minutes!