How it Works

Unsure if you need to see a vet? Healthy Pets connects pet parents to local veterinarians on demand through video chat for a fraction of the cost of traditional care. Source the trustworthy information you need regarding your pet’s health and wellness from the comfort of your own home, and triage into appropriate, in-person care if necessary.

Healthy Pets is appropriate for addressing common concerns such as:

“My dog has a dry nose. Should I be worried?”

“My cat won’t stop purring. Is she hungry?”

“My dog just ate a sock, what should I do?”

“My kitten has diarrhea/ vomiting. Is this serious?”

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Connect to a Vet

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How long does each virtual consultation last?

Each virtual veterinary consultation lasts for up to 15 minutes.

I loved my virtual veterinary consultation. Can I use the same vet in-clinic?

We’re glad to hear that! Absolutely! The contact details of your virtual veterinarian will be shared at the end of your consultation, so you know where to find them in real life.

How can I ask my current veterinarian to join Healthy Pets?

We’re always on the lookout for great vets to join Healthy Pets. Feel free to direct them to the “Join Our Team” button on the bottom right side of our website homepage.

Can I receive my prescriptions through Healthy Pets?

Due to regulatory barriers, that will depend on a number of factors including the type of prescription (OTC vs. non-OTC) and whether you have seen that veterinarian in person (outside of Healthy Pets) before!

I’m a subscriber and my clinic is currently unavailable. What should I do?

You can either wait for the next available appointment or use a one time consultation with another veterinarian.

Why isn’t your website displaying properly?

You might not be using a friendly browser. Healthy Pets works best on Google Chrome, so try using that instead.


Connect to a vet online in minutes!